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Want to put some extra cash in your pocket as well as save money on your monthly utility bills? Upgrade your heating & air conditioning units to energy star efficient models & take advantage of the following rebates & incentives that are available to you.

Thermwise (Questar Gas)

Go to: for more information.

Residential HVAC Rebates

Smart Thermostat Wi-Fi enabled, programmable, online dashboard and/or mobile device app, occupancy sensor $100
Furnace – 92% AFUE AFUE 92% – 94.9% $200
Furnace – 95% AFUE AFUE 95% – 97.4% $350
Furnace – 95% AFUE w/ ECM AFUE 95% – 97.4% with an ECM $400
Furnace – 98% AFUE w/ ECM AFUE 97.5% or higher % with an ECM $450
Fireplce – Direct Vent > 70% AFUE, Intermittent Ignition, Heat Rated, Thermostatically Controlled w/ a Blower $200



Wattsmart (Rocky Mountain Power)

Residential HVAC Rebates

Equipment Purchases and Services

Customer Incentive

Central air conditioner tier 1
(Min SEER 15)
Central air conditioner tier 2
(Min SEER 17)
Central air conditioner tier 3
(Min SEER 20)
95% AFUE gas furnace with ECM $200
ECM on existing furnace $100

Federal Tax Credits:

Tax credit amount $300.00
Split System
Seer>= 16
EER >= 13

Package System
Seer>= 14

See AHRI link below for more information.

Tax Credit Details for Homeowners:

  • The efficiency levels required reflect the highest tier of the CEE High-efficiency Specification for Residential HVAC Systems as of January 1, 2009. Please note: Equipment listed in the chart below (except water heaters, which only needs to achieve one of the efficiency specifications) must meet all performance specifications for its category. For example, a tax-credit eligible split central air conditioner must have stated performance ratings of 13 EER and 16 SEER
  • Improvements made in 2015 will be claimed on your 2015 taxes (filed by April 18, 2016); improvements made in 2016 will be claimed on your 2016 taxes.
  • The lifetime credit cap of $500 was reinstated. If you have claimed more than $500 in 25C tax credits since January 1, 2006, you are disqualified from any further credits

Contact your tax advisor for additional information.