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by forceda on September 24, 2020

The conventional furnace is usually designed in a way that it can remain functional for many years. At times, different parts of the furnace can fail and cause the furnace to not work properly. Sometimes the entire furnace can fail to function. This is very inconvenient especially during the winter season in Winnipeg when the temperatures are low. Consequently, it is helpful to know 5 common reasons that a furnace fails.

A very dirty blower fan assembly.Non Functional Blower Motor

The blower motor on the furnace is what is usually responsible for the circulation of the air. Because of its importance it needs to remain functional at all times so that the hot air can be circulated effectively. All the other components of the furnace might be working properly but the home will remain cold if the blower motor is not working. The most effective ways of dealing with this particular issue is checking the belts, bearings and fan motors on a regular basis. These kinds of inspections should be performed by a trained furnace repair technician. It is important to replace any component that might show signs of wearing out.

Ignition Failure

Having a failed ignition system is one of the most common furnace problems. When the ignition is damaged the furnace will not be able to produce any hot air. This is attributed to the fact that the entire furnace will fail to start since the burners will be off. It is relatively hard to repair the ignition system and this is why it is strongly advised to hire a professional for this type of maintenance. To avoid this particular problem it is advisable to check the ignition system at least once every year.

Failed Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is one of the most important components of a conventional furnace. This is attributed to the fact that it is the component that converts heat from the burner into heat that is circulated in the home. When the heat exchanger is not working, there will not be hot air available for circulation. The heat exchanger is quite expensive and some people prefer to buy an entirely new furnace. However, it is still possible to replace the one that is worn out provided one gets a good replacement.

Failed Gas Burners

The gas burners do not have any moving parts but they wear out naturally from use. The burners can also fail because of gas valves stopping working. Replacing these valves is a job for a qualified service technician.

A furnace filter full of dust. Clogged or Dirty Filters

The air filters are meant to ensure that the unwanted substances, such as dust, do not get into the other components of the furnace and as a result do not get circulated in the home. When the filters are clogged or dirty they also reduce the efficiency of the furnace. This makes it paramount to keep on checking the filters to make sure they are clean. One should check the filter at least once every two to three months. In cases where they are clogged or dirty one can just replace them with new ones quickly and easily by following their furnace’s instruction manual.

Identifying 5 common furnace problems enables homeowners to be able to avoid these problems and as a result keep their furnaces functional and running efficiently at all times.

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